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WordPress Training: DUO and WordPress Login

In this training series, we will cover the basics of signing up for a DUO account, logging in, and editing and creating new content for your TCNJ WordPress site.

DUO Authentication

Each time you log in to your TCNJ WordPress site, you will verify your identity through two-factor authentication to ensure proper website security. The first method involves your TCNJ username and password, and the second is a confirmation sent to your mobile device through the DUO Mobile application.

If this is your first time logging in to your site, you will receive a prompt to sign up for a DUO account using your TCNJ credentials. You also must install the DUO Mobile app on your mobile device.

DUO Application Download

WordPress Login

Once you have configured your DUO account, the next step is to log in to your TCNJ WordPress site. There are two ways to do so:

  1. Type your TCNJ site URL, followed by /wp-admin, in the address bar (e.g., for this page you’re currently reading).

After the page loads, input your TCNJ username — without — and your password. If prompted, complete the DUO authentication check.

Once your browser redirects to the WordPress dashboard, you have successfully logged in to your site.

  1. Go to and hover over the navigation item “WordPress Logins.” Select one of two options underneath — the pages server or the mapped server — depending on your site’s URL before logging in to WordPress:
    • Pages server: Select if your URL includes “,” e.g., or
    • Mapped server: Select if your URL features a subdomain preceding “,” e.g., or